Big B blogs about Katrina Kaif, Katrina Kaif’s New Friend Big B

Big B writes on his blog, “Katrina stabbed a ‘hey it’s me’ finger on my shoulder and we recollected the old times.”

“The moment of her very first film, Boom, and how, as a shy reticent girl, she had been bullied by the director not to ever look (at herself) in the monitor.”

Katrina was “new and uncertain like most of us, but was keen to see what she looked like on screen”. “I thought it was a most natural and common desire and one that should have been allowed by the director… I had dragged her to the monitor and given her the first look of what she looked like. To her credit, she still remembers that moment.”

“And now, from a small insignificant part in Sarkar to the most Googled and popular star in the firmament, Ms Kaif has come such a distant way in such a short instance

She may be one of the most sough after actresses in the industry, but believe it or not Katrina Kaif has no films on her hand after Prakash Jha's Raaj

She may be one of the most sough after actresses in the industry, but believe it or not Katrina Kaif has no films on her hand after Prakash Jha's Raajneeti.

The actress who is currently in London after undergoing an appendix surgery has no project officially on her hand.

There are rumours that Katrina is calling all the producers and directors from her contact.

List to consider her for their next projects but hasn't been able to strike any deal as yet.

There is buzz around the tinsel town that Katrina could have easily got a role in Farah Khan's.

Tees Maar Khan which stars her favourite co-star Akshay Kumar but the the role has been offered to Sonam Kapoor.

There are rumours that Akshay insisted on working with a new face in Tees Maar Khan which has left.

Katrina with no projects and plenty of time to kill. We wonder what her beau Salman Khan is doing?

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is quite busy these days with promotions and movies as she wants to prepare herself to become a mother.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is quite busy these days with promotions and movies as she wants to prepare herself to become a mother.

Aishwarya apparently wants to complete all her work by 2010 so that she can concentrate on motherhood.

A source close to Ash says, “This no doubt is the busiest phase of Aishwarya’s career. Such a flurry of assignments has never been seen before in any married actress’ life and she’d be foolish to let such opportunities slip by. Luckily, Abhishek is thoroughly supportive of her career. She wants to complete as many of these assignments as she can before she becomes a mother. Because once she gets into that role she wouldn’t want any other distractions. That, Aishwarya is sure of.”

So junior of Junior Bachchan is not far away.
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